When the Pencil Thief Strikes

Arguably the smallest place in my childhood home, it holds some of my more interesting memories. The bar separated the kitchen from the living room. According to my mom, it was once a bookshelf that closed off both rooms. Right after they moved in, WAAAAY before my time, they had someone come in and take it out. They decided they would leave the bottom half in creating the bar.

One of my first memories of  being at the bar revolves around a pencil thief and a trip to the hospital when I was about 3 years old. My brother, 8 years old at the time, hereby known as Pencil Thief, had shown me how to jump from the bar stool and land on my feet. He had me practice so many times that I felt like I could do it in my sleep! We had even practiced with my eyes closed!  Later that afternoon, Pencil Thief said he needed to “borrow” a pencil. I knew that was code for, “Take the only pencil you have and keep it for eternity!” (Insert evil 8 year old laugh). He was so smooth talking that he convinced our mom that he “needed” it for this thing called homework that he would do at the bar. 

When Dad got home from his busy job of doing… something important at the school, we had supper. Pencil Thief had left the pencil and his homework sitting on top of the bar for everyone to see. While everyone was busy enjoying their dessert in the living room, I snuck into the kitchen and climbed up onto the bar stool. I grabbed the pencil, did a SMALL victory dance, and then… jumped off.

The Pencil Thief started to yell! I laid on the floor trying to figure out what had gone wrong. Why didn’t I land on my feet? That’s how we practiced! I didn’t know my arm could bend that way! When I stood up, my mom started to “calmly” freak out. Pencil Thief started to look sick. As for my dad, he was as calm as he could be. He told my mom to go get the pillow from their room and bring it to him. He told my brother to go call our friends from down the street to let them know that he was going to need to stay with them for a little bit. 

Once we got the pillow under my arm we loaded up, dropped Pencil Thief off at our friends’ house and went to the ER. I thought all little kids’ arms created a U-shape when they fell down on it. The doctor informed me that wasn’t the case! After taking FOREVER to take pretty pictures of my funny looking arm, I was sent home with a sling and a trip to a special doctor planned for the next day.

3 thoughts on “When the Pencil Thief Strikes

  1. I love how you capture each person’s reaction from the naivete of your reaction on one end all the way through your mom and brother to your dad’s calm on the other end. So fun to see this through your adult eyes.

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