Today is NOT Friday

It’s 5:20 am and this annoying sound is interrupting my wonderful dream. It won’t go away. So I wake up and realize that it’s Friday which means it is History Day at school. It’s my favorite day of the week. I get to wear jeans and the kids love this day. They have been waiting for weeks it seems like to get back to History Day FriYay!

It’s now 5:21 am and I look over at where my clothes are hanging up for the day. The first thing I see, dress pants. Why did I pull out my gray pants for Friday when I can wear jeans? I wouldn’t make a mistake like this! Quick… think back to what I did yesterday! I had History Day on a Wednesday because I’m going to be out Friday morning. I stayed late for tutorials. But if it was History Day on a Wednesday and I had tutorials, that must mean that today is… Thursday and not Friday.

3 thoughts on “Today is NOT Friday

  1. You describe your inner thinking so well. It is a perfect example of the brain fog teachers in 2020-2021 all experience because we are juggling TOO many things as we try to teach during a pandemic. I’m reading this on Saturday so I hope my comment finds you with a clearer head today.

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