Day 31

I’m going to be honest. I only did this challenge to fulfill my publishing requirements for the Abydos Writing Institute that I’ve been doing since July. At first, I figured that I would just write a few blogs and be done. Boy was I wrong! I got hooked! I’ve never considered myself much of a writer, but after completing this challenge I definitely call myself a writer now!

Before this challenge, I would write lesson plans, on Abydos Days, and… that’s it. Now, I feel like writing is here to stick. Maybe not every day, but definitely more than I was doing. I am so thankful for the Slice of Life March Challenge for pushing my limits! There were days when I felt like I should just not and then my reminder to post would go off and I would try to find at least six words to publish.

Thank you to everyone who read all of my ramblings that turned into something publishable!

4 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. Congratulations!!!! So glad this challenged hooked you. I appeciate learning where you learned of it and googled Abydos, an organization new to me. I am Sally, a a teacher in VA for the past 28 years and 8 years ago, I learned of this challenge and was teaching writing to 4th graders and thought I’d give it a try. I remember how exhausting I felt that year, trying to figure out what to write each day. But also like you, I got lots of energy out of posting, reading and commenting. It hooked me and has for the past 8 years. This year, I volunteered to be on the Welcome Wagon and happily was assigned you! I apology for not daily reading and then reading 4 in a row and leaving a cascade of comments. Not sure if that helped to keep you going. This pandemic has messed with my focus so my daily time as a slicer became limited this year. So even now, you are getting this a day late. Sorry. But still know I sincerely enjoyed reading your slices. So glad we “met” here. I’ll look for you on any Tuesday during the year and definitely next March.

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