Day 31

I’m going to be honest. I only did this challenge to fulfill my publishing requirements for the Abydos Writing Institute that I’ve been doing since July. At first, I figured that I would just write a few blogs and be done. Boy was I wrong! I got hooked! I’ve never considered myself much of aContinue reading “Day 31”

Where Do I Begin?

Sitting here staring at my screen I don’t know where to start I type a few words Then quickly delete them The cursor is taunting Demanding that I write when I can’t All of the wrong words are there But the right words are elusive It is usually easy I typically have a lot toContinue reading “Where Do I Begin?”

Today as Told by The Office

Today was a day! It seems like my students forgot that we still have two months of school left and the state test is in about 5 weeks! The best way for me to describe it is through The Office! Enjoy!

Today is NOT Friday

It’s 5:20 am and this annoying sound is interrupting my wonderful dream. It won’t go away. So I wake up and realize that it’s Friday which means it is History Day at school. It’s my favorite day of the week. I get to wear jeans and the kids love this day. They have been waitingContinue reading “Today is NOT Friday”


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